Bioenergy contains all the information about your health and your illness. It is really not important if it is the wave interference on a quantum level or just a concept. The important thing is that we can access it and use it.
— Zoran Hochstatter


PureBioenergy is a gentle, non-invasive, safe and proven method of healing that effectively addresses a wide range of conditions in adults, children and even animals. Applied over four consecutive days, PureBioenergy Therapy restores the immune system to its most efficient healing state, provides information to the body to speed up healing and recovery time, provides pain relief and restores blood flow for faster healing. This powerful method of healing utilizes specific energy protocols for use on and around the body, and when properly applied, the information of pure health is brought to the immune system, bringing balance to the bioenergetic field, and allows self healing to take place.

Zoran Hochstatter

Zoran Hochstatter is the official representative and teacher of the PureBioenergy Method in the US, UK and Canada. In 2004 Zoran and his wife Stephanie met with Healer Zdenko Domancic in Slovenia to film and produce a documentary film about bioenergy healing. After working alongside Zdenko in his clinic in Slovenia and learning the method himself, Zoran was granted exclusive permission to teach and share bioenergy with the rest of the world. Zoran conducts PureBioenergy training seminars and healing clinics across the United States, Canada and the UK.

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So what exactly IS PureBioenergy?

Bioenergy is essentially, intelligent energy. Bioenergy is what some may call Chi, Ki, Prana, Life Force, it is all the same thing. It is what all energy healers are attempting to access and utilize. The method of PureBioenergy is a simple, structured approach to healing that accesses this bioenergy in such a way that it creates an effectiveness and speed of healing that is truly unmatched.

How does it work?

PureBioenergy uses specific energy protocols for use on and around the body and when properly applied, the information of pure health is brought to the immune system; bringing balance to the bioenergetic field, and allows self healing to take place. It's a very gentle, non invasive method that is applied with laying of hands on and around the body. One treatment is considered a session lasting 15-20 minutes for four consecutive days in a row.

What can it address?

PureBioenergy can address all manner of ailments, there really is very little that it cannot address. I have seen great results with all types of blood diseases, tumors, cysts, thyroid problems, uterine issues and fertility, vision, emotional and mental disorders, PTSD, insomnia, depression, anxiety, autism, allergies, asthma... the list goes on and on. It's also good for those wanting to maintain optimum health and a high functioning immune system. Many of my clients are generally healthy and come in for a simple immune boost, sometimes for a desired energetic shift. PureBioenergy works on many ailments that we've sort of normalized, or accepted in our culture as just 'part of life', like allergies or vision loss. There are some things we are still discovering that PureBioenergy is an effective treatment for. I heard from a fellow therapist that she recently had great success with treating an infant suffering from colic. When my son was an infant he had colic for months, how I WISH I had heard of this method then!

So this method works well for children?

Oh yes, this a great therapy for children, we see incredible results with them. Especially with younger children and animals the results are often seen very quick because they are completely open to the energy. They do not have any sort of limited belief system or worldview that gets in the way. They have no resistance to the energy, they are wide open.

Do people's belief systems prevent or get in the way of their healing?

Not the belief system but more the thoughts that have formed around what they are willing to consider as possible for their health and healing. You don't have to believe in PureBioenergy Therapy for it to work, but one must be open to the healing. There is a saying that PureBioenergy works on everyBODY, but not every MIND. The mind is the overseer of the body and if what the mind thinks is in direct conflict with the intelligent energy moving into and communicating with the body, the energy won't hold and they will not heal. The mind either allows, or it doesn't. Over time perhaps, but it would take far more treatments to see an improvement in one's condition, as opposed to someone who comes in neutral and open to the possibility who may see a reversal of their condition after just one treatment.

So what is the rate of success for this method?

Over 90% of the people we treat see improvement or complete reversal of their condition. It's really quite incredible, the change you can visibly see in clients from day one of receiving PureBioenergy to day four. There are others that see improvement in a couple weeks, a month later, even months later... the bioenergy continues to work through your system long after you've received it. Some will need more treatments before the symptom or problem will be completely reversed. Each person's healing time is different, and this I feel largely correlates with their relationship to their disease, as well as their ability to be open to and surrender to the process of their healing.

Why does this therapy require treatment four days in a row?

There are many reasons for this, the primary one being that four days is necessary to re-pattern the bioenergetic field so that the new energetic pattern of health will 'hold'. Many people ask me this question and some get frustrated that they can't seem to find time in their schedule for these four days in a row to receive treatment (each daily session is a 30 min appointment with the treatment itself lasting 15-25 minutes). I understand that in our busy and hectic lives finding the time to dedicate to our health and healing is a challenge... and therein lies a part of the problem. Healing itself IS a commitment; four days is not much at all when it translates to a tumor gone, or medication no longer being required, or physical pain dissolving during the session, or anxiety being wiped away. Many clients during and after therapy remark ' Wow, why did I not make time for this sooner?!'