Your body’s ability to heal is greater than you’ve ever been permitted to believe.
— Every Healer
Elizabeth has treated me via distance therapy as well as in person, both times with powerful results. What first brought me to seek treatment from Elizabeth is that I had been having a lot of stress and anxiety. My physical symptoms included problems with sleep, a severe ‘pit’ in my stomach and general anxiety. I didn’t want to go on medication for my issues, so I decided to try bioenergy therapy. During the first session I felt a tingling that started in the soles of my feet and ran up my body. I also felt intense pressure near/around my heart. This continued through all four days of treatment. After the first session I immediately felt less anxiety and a general sense of well being, I was able to fall asleep and sleep soundly for the first time in quite some time. My symptoms continued to diminish over the course of the treatment, with the greatest impact felt after the third day. Since my sessions with Elizabeth about a month ago my anxiety has not returned despite some stressful situations. UPDATE: Since that treatment over a year ago, I have felt anxiety come and go as it related to certain situations but never to the level that I experienced before being treated.

The second time I was treated in person for a sprained muscle in my right leg. I recovered a lot faster from the injury and was able to start running again only days after what would normally take 3-4 weeks to heal. Bioenergy is a gentle, non-invasive way to heal and I would highly recommend it. It’s also a great way to become centered again when you have a ‘I’m not sure what’s wrong but something is…’ type of problem that conventional medicine would treat with anxiety meds or excessive unnecessary tests. I would definitely recommend Elizabeth for bio energy healing. Thank you so much!
— C.B., Philadelphia, PA
Sooo...I was diagnosed with cataracts almost 2 years ago. I’m rather young for such a diagnosis, but eye issues run in my family. After receiving the unfortunate news, I chose to have PureBioenergy healing sessions from multiple practitioners. So here I am 2 years later in a different country due to the much lower cost of surgery for my ailment...and this is what I hear from the doctor that examined me —-Cataracts? WHAT cataracts?
— C.P., Bakersfield, CA (client received a series of in person treatments both in private and in group healing with me and other therapists at PureBioenergy Desert Healing Retreat and with me on a Bimini Retreat, over the course of 4-5 months.)
As a Mom with a science-oriented background, I was skeptical about energy healing methods. After a winter of colds in the family, I had exhausted all natural remedies. I requested Elizabeth’s expertise for a completely stuffed nose, after not being able to sleep properly for multiple nights. By the fourth treatment day I was feeling results and in less than a week I’m back to normal. The rest of my family needed to go on antibiotics to get rid of their colds that turned into infections! In addition to the PureBioenergy healing the intended ailment, there is a sense of calm that has stayed with me in the days following the treatment. Thank you, Elizabeth!
— S.H., Hermosa Beach, CA
I was treated for chronic insomnia and I’ve been meaning to let you know that my sleep is so much better since going through your PureBioenergy treatments. It didn’t happen right away, but I started to notice a few days later and ever since. Thank you!
— C.G., Hermosa Beach, CA
PureBioenergy really has changed my life physically and emotionally. During my experience it created a healing process at my surgery locations that was amazing. I was told by my surgeon that the scar tissue and nerve damage would never get any better. During and after my treatments, the areas that were completely numb began to have feeling and sensations again. I have been able to return to exercising and my muscle movement has improved dramatically. With the treatments my awareness of my surroundings were heightened and I experienced vibrant colors, sounds and details of everyday life. Love and thanks to Elizabeth who has given me hope and health for my future.
— G.W., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
My son has been receiving monthly PureBioenergy Healing treatments with Elizabeth for the last few months for his paralyzed arm, after suffering a stroke at age 16 two years ago. He had only a 2 out of 10 feeling sensation in the arm prior to treatments. He is now at a 7 out of 10. Additionally, the opthamologist was surprised to see no pressure on his optic nerve at his four month checkup. The Opthamologist about fell out of her chair. He has had pressure on the optic nerve for two years from the brain swell pressure.
— K.B., Huntington Beach, CA
Elizabeth worked with me on a chronic sinus issue I’ve had for years as well as a recent issue with my breathing and voice, which had become thin and weak. When we started the treatment, I had the worst sinus infection I’ve ever experienced (having been sick for close to two weeks and had lost all sense of smell and taste for over a week). Halfway through the treatments, my sinuses were clear. I could breathe and smell and taste and have been feeling great ever since. To my delight, my breathing and voice grew stronger too. I had intense and informative dreams during the nights of the process. During the treatment sessions, I felt extreme peace and well-being as well as movement and surges in my body. I had no idea of what it would be like but I couldn’t be happier or more impressed by what I experienced and will be recommending it to friends.
— S.H., New York, NY
Before I started bioenergy therapy sessions with Elizabeth, I had been in a funk. I felt like I was just surviving day by day, operating in a fog. The funk had been kind of worsening over the years.I couldn’t pay attention or focus at work, life felt chaotic, every day was flying by so fast that I was depressed and anxious and felt like I was missing out on my kids’ lives instead of savoring the moments and really living. Elizabeth’s bioenergy treatments helped me get back to me, and to get back in touch with the light, energy, and peace inside of me. The results of the bioenergy therapy were (are) incredible. I feel energized and super productive and at the same time I feel a peaceful happiness. I haven’t felt this way in a long, long time.
— E.S., Washington D.C.
I reached out to Elizabeth for healing with recurring ovarian cysts, Hashimoto’s and ongoing symptoms of a head injury from 6 months ago. Since our work together the pains in my head have subsided. A recent MRI showed “all is good”. I’m not sure if the ovarian cyst is gone (I have not yet gone back for an ultrasound) but the periodic pains I was experiencing have also passed. She also helped me with sleep issues. She added me into the end of her own long days, always with bright and uplifting energy. I’m now sleeping better since our work together.

Even more impactful beyond the physical relief are the moments of clarity that are coming up for me. I am gaining so much perspective and moments of insight and wisdom to areas of my life that either had me feeling stuck or somewhat anxious in the past. It’s all very subtle yet deeply informing my life. I am so grateful to Elizabeth for her time, kindness, knowledge and her connection for me to PureBioenergy healing. I feel the journey is just beginning...

Testimonial Update from Client after receiving one private distance treatment and one healing clinic treatment: “I returned for my ultrasound after our work together and the retreat healing clinic a couple months later, and the 6cm cyst was GONE! The result of ultra sound was “absolute resolution”. Amazing! I’m such a believer....
— J.N., Napa, CA
I’m so amazed on how wonderfully different I feel on so many levels. Thank you so much and know your amazing work touches people’s lives in such a significant way.
— D.C., Hermosa Beach, CA
I had never heard of your healing modality and was totally surprised with the results. I have had vertigo for about 30 years, I could never lie on the back of my head because it gave me VERY severe dizziness. After two treatments I realized that I only needed one pillow at night instead of two big pillows. Today I only need a little support for my head. The other problem you worked on is my eyes. On my e-reader, kindle, I now read letters that are two sizes smaller. That I could bend backwards the way I did during treatment at my age (79) is totally amazing. I am very impressed with your healing technique. THANK you.
— -T.K., Toronto, Canada (Reverend and Reiki Master)
It is amazing, but when I am laying down on my back, I cannot feel the lump [fibroid tumor]. I have felt it for over 2 years now, maybe longer. In the last year it is very pronounced. I don’t mean sometimes I feel it, I can always feel it, and I am pressing down deep into my belly and there is no lump. This is astonishing.
— R.L., Redondo Beach, CA during first treatment of PureBioenergy
I am on day four with my healing treatment with Elizabeth and I can’t put into words how amazing and powerful she is!!! I am being treated for a low thyroid issue due to the “change in life” but it has had so many more positive effects. I feel so light, happy and peaceful. My MIND is at bliss and I feel very connected to all of LIFE!!
— L.V., Manhattan Beach, CA
My dog Kona was extremely old (much older than a dog of his size and breed typically lives) and suffered from severe arthritis and senility, as well as tumors all over his body. He was covered in tumors, I mean covered. I had counted 11 tumors on him at that time. After she worked on him that first day, shortly after Elizabeth left, Kona started running around! He ran outside and inside like he was a puppy again, grabbing toys and running back and forth and wanting to play. He was so happy, it was incredible. About a week after the therapy my oldest son came to visit and immediately went over to hug Kona. I was in the other room when I hear ‘Mom, where are all of Kona’s tumors, did he have surgery?’ I came in the room and he had felt Kona from the tip of his nose all the way down his body. I felt Kona up and down, looked at my son and said ‘Oh my God. Elizabeth worked on him a week ago. My son looked back at me with tears in his eyes and we both just started crying. Kona went from having 11 tumors down to only one, that had shrunk to half the size of what it was before. [Read Full Story of Kona’s healing here:]
— T.K., Redondo Beach, CA
I was experiencing an uncomfortable sensation in my chest that felt like anxiety. Not knowing what to do, I consulted with Elizabeth to see if it was something she could address with bioenergy therapy. Having known very little about any form of healing outside of Western Medicine and meditation, I was a bit skeptical entering into the process. Elizabeth was very professional and made me feel very comfortable. By the third day of treatment, I had what can be referred to as a breakthrough. Since the treatment, I have felt lighter, happier and less concerned about the things I have no control over. My heart feels lighter than it has in years, and I haven’t even felt a tinge of anxiety.
— C.T., Las Vegas, NV
I have had several sessions of Bioenergy therapy for my hypothyroidism and am happy to say I have been off of medication now for well over 8 months. My blood work confirms my thyroid levels are within the normal ranges. My mood is better and all the physical symptoms of thyroid issues have disappeared. I had individual therapy from a few therapists including Elizabeth and in two group events for my thyroid. The first two sessions for my thyroid showed rapid improvement, documented in lab work. My sessions with Elizabeth were very relaxing. I felt tingling, warmth, a nice sense of calm, and a strong sense of happiness, no matter what was happening in my life. Sometimes my thyroid would go up and down in function over the two weeks following a session, but with every round of Domancic Therapy, I ended up feeling better in some way. I would get warmer, my hair would be less brittle, skin less dry, sleep better, or feel less mentally foggy. Over time throughout the sessions of treatment I had to lower my medication. The group events were extremely powerful for my recovery and it was during a group event that I was finally able to stop taking my medication completely. Blood work a few weeks later showed all levels were normal. Six months later and my blood work still looks good. Thank you, Elizabeth, for contributing to my success!
— A.A., Seattle, WA
I have had a few bioenergy treatment series with Elizabeth. The primary goals have been to work on emotional blocks and on opening more spiritually. During the process, I experienced my body moving and different sensations in my body as well as emotional release. Most recently, I wanted to work on expanding my capacity for giving/receiving love and removing any obstacles from my heart. Within a week of my last treatment, a lot unfolded directly related to exposing and releasing the obstacles and barriers in my heart that I recognize I have been carrying for YEARS. I have tried so hard to remove them in different ways, but bioenergy has really created an opening for me in a way that other methods have not.
— A.H., Manhattan Beach, CA